09_training_dog_leashCarriage Hill Kennels is excited to announce that we have brought back our Dog Training Programs and Jimmy Cocallas, dog trainer.

In order to fulfill your dog training needs, we are offering several different packages suited to your dog:

Day Training Program

This program is our most popular option. In this program, your dog is trained on site, five days a week, learning the basic obedience commands yet you will be able to take your dog home every night. This course lasts for 3 weeks, Monday through Friday with a private lesson at the end of each week.

Weekly Training Program

In this course, you will drop your dog off one day a week for seven weeks. Your dog will be trained throughout the day. When you pick up your dog that afternoon, you will receive a private lesson each week. You will be given weekly homework sheets with commands so you can practice with your dog.

Board and Train Program

We will also be offering board and train while you are on vacation as we care for your dog. Your dog might just need a refresher course of the basic commands or start from the beginning.

We look forward to working with you and your pet in the future! Call for details and any questions you might have.


Dogs being trained are required to have current vaccinations. Shots required: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella & H3N2 canine flu shot.