05_Puppies for SaleThe Carriage Hill Family knows that from the very start, a puppy learns important lessons through his experience of the world around him. Even in the first few weeks as he snuggles with his mother, wrestles with his littermates, and is handled by his breeder, the personality traits and social skills are beginning to form.

As the weeks go by, exposure to a variety of experiences is crucial to his becoming a well-rounded adult. Studies have shown that a puppy’s experiences in the first three months of life strongly influence what kind of companion he will grow into.

Chris Cocallas and Bob Barnes are both AKC Certified Breeders and have dedicated their lives to the well being of animals. Their breeding process is a testament to the love and respect we have for all animals; all dogs and their litters are from a clean and safe environment that meets all AKC (American Kennel Club) standards.

Both Chris and Bob live by and practice humane and ethical breeding practices and procedures.
The Dogs with Disabilities Service Dog Association has been a recipient of puppies donated by Chris to be trained as service animals to work with disabled patients in need. Chris works professionally with the Glenview Police Animal Control Unit, Lambs Farm and other local organizations assisting with the housing and care of lost and stray dogs.

05_labradorChris Cocallas has been a registered breeder of AKC Labrador Retrievers since 2000. Because of his stellar reputation, love and respect of the dogs and client demand Chris developed and operates Dominator Labs.

Chris’ Labrador Retrievers have competed in AKC Field Trials and Chris has owned 3 Field Trial Champions and numerous Master Hunters. His puppies come from excellent bloodlines.

Chris’ dogs are bred and monitored personally by Chris and all puppies parent’s hips are always x-rayed (OFA), eyes are CERFed and all puppies come with AKC Registration Papers.

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05_labradoodleChris’ dogs are bred and monitored personally by Chris. The parent’s hips are x-rayed (OFA), eyes are CERFed and all Labrador Retrievers come with AKC Registration Papers.

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05_springerBob Barnes has been an AKC Certified Breeder of English Springer Spaniels (field strain) since 2004. Bob uses sires that are master hunters and have qualified for the National Field Trial Championship.

The English Springer Spaniel has been endowed with style, enthusiasm, and an “eager to please” quality common to most spaniels. They are recognized for their ability to persevere under adverse hunting conditions, which is partly due to their medium-size and powerful body. They have long, hanging ears and a moderately long coat that can be black or liver with white and tricolor.
Cheerful and affectionate, Springers love their families and like to stick close to their owners. They make excellent house pets, but require daily exercise.

Bob personally manages the entire breeding process and insures that all puppies parents’ hips are always x-rayed (OFA), eyes are CERFed, and all Springers come with AKC registration papers.
For additional information and to schedule a personal consultation with Bob Barnes please email Bob: bob@carriagehillkennels.com